Time to book your accommodation


foto Time to book your accommodation

The centre of this year’s final round of World Cup is in the beautiful city of Prague. As Prague is very attractive for tourists from around the world, it is a good idea to book your accommodation as soon as possible, if you want to get a good quality for an affordable price. The easiest way to get affordable rooms with guaranteed quality and close to the event centre is to book through the organiser.

We offer two types of accommodation A (hotel Pyramida – the event centre and the centre of IOF General Assembly) and C (university accommodation nearby). Both types of accommodation also offer meals. You can see photos and prices in the section Accommodation. As we have limited number of rooms and we also have to cancel the unbooked rooms quite soon, we recommend you to book your accommodation as soon as possible – latest by the end of April. You can use e-mail address accommodation@wcup.cz.