Weekend session of main organisers


foto Weekend session of main organisers

During last weekend, group of around thirty main organisers and participants met altogether for two days and two nights.

This enabled them to held a number of individal meetings and discussions within particular organising sections. They visited all arenas to be used for the races, so that their arrangement could be finalised in line with plans and the reality on site. Conditions and possibilities of use of the particular areas were discussed with their keepers, technical details were consulted with specialists of Suninvent. The latter company is once again contracted to support the construction of arenas, especially in case of their large-size installations, such screens. Many other important issues were discussed, such provision of staff, appointment of volunteers to particular sections, time schedules, logistics of organisers and material. Another reason for visiting the race arenas and areas was to check how they look like today, as it is typical especially in large cities, that some areas change, for example as result of various construction works.

Here you can have a look at some photos taken during the weekend. They of course cannot disclose anything substantial, however they at least give opportunity to introduce some of the main organisers.