Sustainability at World Cup

5. 8. 2023

Sustainability and ecology are strong words for us as orienteers. The forests and nature itself provide us spaces to race, to host races like the World Cup. It is very important for us to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

We follow some simple rules, from the obvious ones such as sorting waste, riding in a full car, not leaving litter both in the arena and in the woods, or reusing materials in the construction of arenas and other spaces, such as the tent signs and banners we have from hosting the World Championships 2021.

Furthermore, as organisers we carry our own containers for lunches and dinners, our reusable cups, and we want to avoid the use of non-eco-friendly disposables containers. We have accreditation cards on lanyards that we have collected from Czech competitors in some races. So, we didn’t have to make new ones when almost everyone has a lot of unused lanyards at home. In the same style, we chose the pins for the starting numbers, both for the World Cup and for the public Czech O-Tour races.