foto Sprint will be the grand finale

Sprint will be the grand finale

Gradually, we are going to offer interviews to the course-setters of all races to learn something more, not just about the courses and concerning works, but also about the partiuclar disciplines. We...

foto Banquet canceled

Banquet canceled

The banquet, originally planned for Saturday, October 6th, was canceled. As the final sprint race is held the following day, its participants could not enjoy it, therefore the interest was...

foto Weekend session of main organisers

Weekend session of main organisers

During last weekend, group of around thirty main organisers and participants met altogether for two days and two nights.

foto Bulletin 3

Bulletin 3

Bulletin 3 is available at Bulletins section. Check it out!

foto Don´t forget: Accommodation!

Don´t forget: Accommodation!

There are still places available in both types of accommodation, but please be quick (book until June 25), since we have to cancel the unbooked accommodation in July.

foto Current state of preparations

Current state of preparations

It is less than seven months left until the Orienteering World Cup Final Round in Prague. Do you want to know how the preparations go and what can the athletes and spectators expect? Read the...

foto Time to book your accommodation

Time to book your accommodation

The centre of this year’s final round of World Cup is in the beautiful city of Prague. As Prague is very attractive for tourists from around the world, it is a good idea to book your accommodation as...

foto Bohemian Paradise for Sportsmen

Bohemian Paradise for Sportsmen

The protected area known as Bohemian Paradise, which is surrounded by the Podkrkonoší mountains in the east and the Jizera and Krkonoše in the north, lies less than fifty kilometres northeast of...

foto Prague World Cup's Logo Places in IOF Competition

Prague World Cup's Logo Places in IOF Competition

The logo submission for the Prague World Cup has successfully placed in a competition organized by IOF. Designed by Vojtěch Novotný, the logo ended up in second place, just behind the logo of the WOC...

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